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Loving Among the Dead


by Dahlia DeWinters

BWWM Interracial Post-Apocalyptic Erotic Romance

A survivor of a zombie apocalypse that’s ripped her world apart….

Nothing in her graduate history courses prepared Judith Graham for the monotony of her existence in the weeks following a zombie apocalypse. Hiding from the rotted world in her makeshift fortress, she subsists on dehydrated food and lonely thought.

When she gives up and decides to satisfy her need for a break in routine, she crosses paths with Sky Beckett, a high school physics teacher making his way to his Southern childhood home. Several passionate encounters coupled with Sky’s assertion that things are only going to get worse not better, spark Judith’s doubts about the isolated life she’s chosen.

But can an ever-cautious Judith find the strength to leave the false security of her past behind to create a new future with Sky in an uncertain world?


#Evening Feature

Dying Days 8 by [Rosamilia, Armand]

Dying Days 8

by Armand Rosamilia

Sometimes it’s not just the zombies in a post apocalyptic landscape that are the problem.

As Darlene Bobich and the survivors try to rebuild and live another day, a new menace is coming at them from all angles.

The zombie horde is coming but will The Promised Land survive to see it?