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The King’s Prophecy: Book 1: The Amulet


by Ricky Stahl

Long ago, the Black Knights overthrew the King to steal twelve ancient pendants with untold power. As foretold, at dawn the knights rode into a village and slaughtered everyone, leaving only four young cousins alive. That day Bran, Gareth, Jason and Exandra swear to avenge their families. If successful they will break a 500-year old curse. Now age seventeen, the cousins must activate the amulets before time runs out or they will succumb to the fate of the Black Knights.

Book 1, The Amulet: Follows the teenagers’ trek across England into Wales in search of a lost castle. On their way, Bran, Gareth and Jason discover that Exandra has a secret, a mysterious power. Will she be able to use her ability to guide them to the fabled “Tree of Forever?” Beyond the horizon lies an unexpected challenge, their greatest obstacle yet.