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The Bennu Project


by Tyrone Givens

Young Azubuike is a survivor. Countless generations have passed since the fracture, and subsequent collapse, of the Meroan Republic. Yet remnants of their culture and technology continue to persist on various worlds that have been conquered by their enemies. Subjugated and oppressed, the descendants of this once great republic know they must change the direction of their fate or face extinction.
On a dangerous run to scavenge supplies from a remote excavation site located in an isolated section of the Meza ruins, Azubuike and his friends encounter a unique piece of technology left behind by their ancestors. Once exposed to it, the device begins to alter Azubuike’s reality in ways that could, ultimately, unravel his mind. There is no way for the group to know the danger, or benefit, posed by this ancient technology even though it has already set in motion a series of events that will forever change the lives of Azubuike and his friends. Has he just unlocked the secret to ending the alien occupation of his world? Or will it bring about the final destruction of his people?


Cast the First Stone (The Road to Redemption Saga Book 1)


by Chad Dennis

Alistair Cowley just wanted to end his life. A simple leap from the tallest building in town should have accomplished that goal. Except it didn’t. Now, he’s agreed to be possessed by some wisecracking demon sharing his body and head space while fighting humans, monsters, angels, demons, and seven unholy queens of hell while trying to save the world.

Yeah. Some days the leap from that roof looks better…


The Bennu Project


by Tyrone Givens

The book itself tells the tale of a young man whose whole world has been over run and oppressed by invaders. When the man stumbles upon long forgotten knowledge, it opens up an entirely new perspective for him, along with everyone else on the planet who have no idea about their true heritage. Will he be able to use that knowledge to help advance and free his people? Amidst the turmoil of an alien occupation, one young man must rise up against overwhelming odds to free his people. Armed with only a vague sense of what his ancestors had once stood for and accomplished, his journey begins..


#Evening Feature

Dying Days 8 by [Rosamilia, Armand]

Dying Days 8

by Armand Rosamilia

Sometimes it’s not just the zombies in a post apocalyptic landscape that are the problem.

As Darlene Bobich and the survivors try to rebuild and live another day, a new menace is coming at them from all angles.

The zombie horde is coming but will The Promised Land survive to see it?