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An #urbanfantasy series by #AntoinetteJHouston


An Urban Fantasy Series by Antoinette J. Houston!

Book one: Red Summer – Rita ‘Red’ James and friends realize that life after high school is more than just getting a job and being an adult. Forgotten memories reveal fantastic abilities and a dangerous past they can’t escape in Red Summer!

Book two: Wil’s Winter – In Wil’s Winter, the adventure continues five years later in a nowhere town in Texas. Wil’s trying to deal with the chaotic up and down of his relationship with Red and the failing attempt at having what he thinks is a normal life. Then the past catches up with them again.

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The Messenger (The Divided Star Series Book 3)


by Cindy Charity

After seeing his comrades deal with the mortal women they were tied to, Drake vowed that it wouldn’t happen to him. He would honour his vow made to the goddess of war, Agrona, but that was it. There was no way he was going to allow a woman to tie him up in knots. When Finn’s woman, Ali, locates the third Fragment, Drake makes it clear that he would find the woman and bring her back—that was it. But when he lays eyes on her, his resolve is shaken to its core. But his life, what he was, allowed no room for happily ever after. Even if he dared entertained such a notion, the moment his secret was discovered, no woman in her right mind would want to take him on.
Keely James was odd. And she was quite fine with it, thank you very much. She had her house, a job she loved and an affinity with all living things—especially animals. But something was coming, she could feel it. However, she didn’t expect it to be a warrior with a gruff disposition, foul vocabulary, and the ability to set her insides on fire. Behind the angry defences, Keely saw the man Drake desperately tried to hide. He thought he was undeserving of love. It would take everything she had to show him that he was. In the meantime, she would discover that she was part of an army expected to save the world from the Darkness; battling a dark lord and demons in order to do so.


Shadow Walker (The Divided Star Series Book 2)


by Cindy Charity

Tala Shane had been happy once, she had had a home, and a family. But that was a long time ago. She keeps those memories locked deep inside of her mind, secretly hoping that one day, she would have that kind of life again. On the run from a young age, Tala trusts no one. Her gifts have placed her in danger. She is a Shadow Walker, the last in her family’s line. With a wolf as her only companion, Tala must avoid those who wish to use her gifts for evil.
When a voice comes to her, warning her of a new danger, asking her to trust, she finds herself struggling. The last time she trusted someone, it had nearly destroyed her. When that someone turned out to be a tall, gorgeous warrior, Tala knew her life was about to change–forever.
Tristan of Bala was the definition of sophistication. But beneath the designer clothes and elegant speech, was a warrior bent on revenge.
Darkness threatened his world, and his family had fallen to the army of the sorcerer Mikel. When the Goddess of War, Agrona, called for his sword, he had answered gladly.
He, along with four other warriors, must find the Fragments. Once united, they would destroy Mikel.
When he finds the Fragment connected to him, Tristan sees a future he never thought possible for himself. But in order to convince her to that she was his, and that she must fight to save not only Earth, but all worlds, he must break down the walls surrounding her heart and get her to trust him.


Giovanni Joins The Werewolves (The Med School Series Book 3)


by Kathy Bryson

Poor Giovanni! As if med school wasn’t hard enough, he’s had to deal with everything from zombies to voodoo curses that backfired. Suffering from that voodoo curse, Giovanni is still determined to get through medical school – even if he now howls under the full moon and has to take himself for walkies! But just as he’s getting used to fur and fangs, Giovanni’s zombie returns, leading him to wonder – exactly how many other monsters are out there?

Follow Giovanni’s adventures over 8 semesters in this new series of YA/NA novellas and uncover the hidden secrets where the twisted worlds of the supernatural and medical science collide!


Luka’s Dawn, Episode 2 (November Snow Epilogue Stories)


by A.M. Manay

Someone out there really wants Luka’s attention and is willing to endanger Flannery to get it. When Flannery disappears after coming home from kindergarten, her vampire guardian angels spring into action. Who is convinced Luka is still alive? Who is willing to risk Luka’s ire to draw him out? And what in the world will Luka do about it?
This short story continues the exploration of Luka’s life in the aftermath of the third novel in the November Snow Series.


The SpellBinder’s Grim: Live, Die, Repeat.



by Genesis Batista

In the 1800’s, in the small cursed village of Chasire that sits closest to Blackfoot Mountain, lives the Beckette witches. Time begins running out when Roland James stumbles upon the Beckette family’s secret and plots to exploit their powers for himself. When Elizabeth Beckette, a young witch, is confronted with the consequences of her care-free choices, she must somehow escape with her family from her tyrannical fiance, Roland. Her lover, Cais, must also make decisions that could lead to two different lives. When it becomes apparent that Elizabeth has held more secrets than most thought, Cais is faced with betrayal and no longer knows where he stands. Will he defy time for the forgiveness of someone who does not deserve it?


Quarantined in Chaos (Nova Nocte Book 2)


by Melissa Gibbo

Immerse yourself in the continued experiences of Squirrel and her community of human and vampire survivors of the zombie outbreak. Join them as they set their lines between friend and foe, lovers and enemies, life and death and make irrevocable decisions. Fear the living, Dead, and Undead as the group known as Nova Nocte seeks to build a new life.


Red Summer (2 Book Series) Kindle Edition


An Urban Fantasy Trilogy by Antoinette J. Houston!

Book one: Red Summer – Book two: Wil’s Winter and Book three: Gray’s Spring – TBA

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The Ink Masters’ Book Of The Unknown


by Honey Bee , London Starr  , Jen Winters

Three female authors collaborated for one great book with three different stories that will leave you wanting more. Packed with action and suspense each female author puts their own spin on science fiction. London Starr takes you on a trip with her alien time traveling story with Dr. Bliss Gonzalez. Honey Bee claws her way into your reading enjoyment when Trish Davenport is attacked by a werewolf and then there is Jen Winters that comes in with Alex being a werewolf back in the early 1900s. Each author brings a different story to life in a way that you will enjoy and want to share with your friends and reading groups.