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My first Book Convention! #AntoinetteJHouston

20273107_10209554751681302_1989398490_oPhoto by Tagan Brannon

My first Book Convention!

It was an experience that I will not forget any time soon! (Especially since I’ve singned up to do two more!)

If I said I did great, I would be lying, but I learned a lot and met a lot of great people. I learned that I could talk to people first! I’m not usually one for speaking first. A hello or nod is usually what you’ll get from me and talking myself up or my books, that’s freaking hard for me to do. But I did it!

I had help! My bestest buds in the universe! Kellee and Tagan, they were fantastic in keeping my confidence up.

20348098_10209554661799055_1475333114_oPhoto by Tagan Brannon

I was giddy when the first blogger came by to do a brief interview and then the photgrapher, that’s when I realized that even if I didn’t get many sales I was getting my face and name out there aswell as my books! I did a couple more of those and could only think about how neat it was! Kellee was great support and having her there was a blessing. Because of her, I’m sure I’ll be getting a lot more hits on my web site and a few more sales on Amazon.

Now, originally I had been worried as I write Science fiction and fantasy and 95% of the authors there were what I heard them call ‘Street Lit’ or (Seriously, I heard our table neighbors say ‘Hood Books’. I was the sole odd genre in my section.

But I wasn’t alone!

I was determined to learn how the other authors navigated their way through this thing and got up from my seat and ramed about. I got some ideas for the next convention and learned some leassons as well. But, thanks to Tagan being the talker she is, she found other authors who were sci-fi and fantasy. I met Yvonne Nicolas {https://www.amazon.com/Yvonne-Nicolas/e/B003RAVPY0 } and Keith Kareem Williams { https://www.amazon.com/Keith-Kareem-Williams/e/B0063K6JJC }. They gave me great advice and kudos for braving the convention for the first time. As i left them I continued to look around as see what I wanted to take from the experience and what I wanted to leave behind (very loud music that made it hard to hear, they were going for the ‘party’ feel – I’m not a party-person). There was a lot of different approaches to putting their books out there to be seen. A Lot.

Finally, as I reached the rear of the salon, I came across what one of the authors called ‘Sci-fi row’. A total of five (5) other Authors that were far from the common genre of this book-lover’s get – together.  Aaron-Michael Hall (c), C. Michael Forsyth (left), Milton J. Davis (Far right), Balogun Ojetade (right) and Jeff Carroll (far left).

SOBSF.jpgPhoto taken from Milton J. Davis Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10207473223547427&set=pcb.10207473241867885&type=3&theater

I was estatic! Especially since I was already (Facebook) aquainted with Aaron and I was familiar with books of Jeff, Micheal, Balogun and Milton via Facebook, Twitter and other media. That made my day! I actually greeted each one and was walked back to my own table by Mr. Milton, himself. We talked about our genre and how even if it didn’t suceed at this book convention, it was a the end.

I didn’t come this far to quit.

So as the end of the event loomed closer I decided to see if they would be up for a book trade. I’m pleased to say I have quite a few books to read now. Beautiful cover and stories I’m interested in reading.

Now, the convention wasn’t a complete failure for me, it was something I needed to experience and I did learn much. I had fun even if I only sold a few items, I will more than likely do it again next year.

Thanks so much 556 Bookchicks for the opprotuninity, Tagan and Kellee for coming with me and Mason and Edie for coming out to support me!