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Presence by P.S. Winn

All her life Andrea Moore has been able to see spirits. The gift was passed down from her grandmother. Now, the woman has passed on, but Andi still talks to her. When Deputy Vaughn Walker asks Andi to help solve the mystery of four women who have disappeared, Vaughn, Andi and her friend Nate are going to find those from the other side influence this life and some spirits are pure evil.


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The Dammed (The Hunted Series Book 2) by [Berridge,Kristy]

The Damned (The Hunted Series Book 2)

by Kristy Berridge

William shivered at my touch.
The unexpected taste of blood jolted me back to my senses, my eyes flying open as William’s fangs sliced through my lower lip. My sweet essence drained as we kissed, blood mingling in our mouths, a delectable torment that I could only think of as dangerous.
William lifted his face from mine; his eyes were shimmering obsidian depths containing a new kind of hunger.