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#Afternoon Feature

Claimed By The Succubus: A BWWM Sci-Fi Romance (Succubus Nights Book 3) by [Allen, Siren]

Claimed By The Succubus: A BWWM Sci-Fi Romance (Succubus Nights Book 3)

by Siren Allen

~The Half-Breed~
She is Izeria’Ahzul, the long-lost daughter of my king. She was raised away from our people and knows nothing of her heritage. Our kind are a myth to her. She doesn’t believe we exist and there’s no way she’ll believe she’s one of us.

~The Beast~
I am Shun’Uhl, the soldier ordered to return her to my king’s side so she can marry a royal and produce an heir to save our people. To get her to trust me, I shed my beastly form and took on the form of someone she knows. I chose unwisely. The form I’ve selected is a male she despises.

~The Forbidden~
The more time I spend with her, the more she comes to like me. And though I’ve tried to resist, I find myself falling for her also. Her feelings for me will change once she learns of my deception and sees how I really look. Part of me wants to complete my mission and return her to her father. Another part of me wants to remain in this form forever and spend my life with Izeria.
I have a choice to make: be honest with the woman I love and risk losing her, or lie to her for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately, the choice is made for me when we come under attack and I have to release my beast to protect her.
Now it is she who has to make a choice: Me and my beast or a kingdom?


#Afternoon Feature

The Continuum Sphere Chronicles by [Martin, Brian]

The Continuum Sphere Chronicles

by Brian Martin

Angelo Carava happens to be the best scientist that has ever lived but despite his formidable talents he has so far failed to understand the universe he inhabits – a universe with only seven stars. His attempts to find the answer bring him into conflict with religious establishments who want to silence him, rival scientists who both admire and are jealous of his achievements and alien races who want to abduct him for his genius. Meanwhile, events in a hidden eighth star system threaten to overwhelm the other seven. And unknown to Carava he is being inexorably sucked into the nightmare and that his actions will have consequences centuries later.


#Afternoon Feature

Jammed Up: a Debt Goes Bad novella by [Hayward, Steven]

Jammed Up: a Debt Goes Bad novella

by Steven Hayward

A rudeboy never forgets. It’s been ten long years and ‘Jam’ has been working his way through a list of men who tormented his best-friend, Jabba. Now there’s only one name left to cross off…

He’s been told it’s an easy lookout job, but he knows something’s not quite right. Knock-off gear and bent coppers have never been his bag. Out of his depth and up against an organised criminal gang, Jam has to learn fast to stay alive. But if there’s one thing that keeps him going, it’s thoughts of sweet revenge.



#Afternoon Feature

We're All Going To Die (Monster Hunter Extraordinaire Book 2) by [Ryan, Paul W.]

We’re All Going To Die (Monster Hunter Extraordinaire Book 2)

by Paul W. Ryan

Monster hunting is hard. Really hard. As it turns out, faking being a monster hunter isn’t quite as easy as I’d thought.

A new threat stirs in the shadows, drawing deadlines across the city, one of which will either kill me or make my bank account that bit more luscious.

It’s time to show these monsters what a grossly overpaid, and under-qualified monster hunter can do.


#Afternoon Feature

The Witch's Cat: A Curvy Shifter Romance #1: Also contains Chasing Tail: A Curvy Shifter Romance #2) by [Taylor, India]

The Witch’s Cat: A Curvy Shifter Romance #1: Also contains Chasing Tail: A Curvy Shifter Romance #2)

by India Taylor

The Witch’s Cat
Leah has struggled with her body image for years and food is too much of a temptation to resist. She turns to exercise but trying not to draw attention to yourself when you have more bounce than Beyoncé is not easy. When she takes to the woods, she runs straight into trouble and he isn’t quite what he appears to be.
Jack should know well enough not to meddle with humans but when Leah’s curves send him flying, he can think of nothing more than getting his hands on them.

Chasing Tail
Simone hasn’t had a lick of romance in years and the closest thing to a sexual encounter was an episode of Supernatural where Dean Winchester takes his shirt off. So, when two men take a sudden interest in her she does the only thing a shifter wolf can do and lets her nose decide.