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Of Beasts and Bonds: A Paranormal Romance (Death and Destiny Trilogy Book 2)


by N.D. Jones

A deadlier war begins. New enemies arise. And, a bond must be completed, before it is too late.

A new threat to the earth arises, in the form of the angry and vengeful gods Mami Wata and Oya, now free from their imprisonment, and hellbent on making humanity suffer. Assefa Berber and Dr. Sanura Williams, the prophesized Cat and Fire Witch of Legend, will now need everything they possess-power, magic, strength, cunning-along with a much stronger mate bonding, to defeat Mami Wata and her vile beasts.

In order for their bond to survive, Assefa and Sanura must defeat all forces of evil. The fate of their love hangs in the balance.


Dark Universe


by Balogun Ojetade (Author), Milton Davis (Author), K. Ceres Wright (Author), DaVaun Sanders (Author), Ronald Jones (Author), Malon Edwards (Author), Penelope Flynn (Editor), Eugene Peterson (Editor)

The Dark Universe Anthology tells the origin story of the Cassad Empire, from its ambitious beginning to its evolution to the first great human Galactic Empire and its eventual fall. Milton Davis, Gene Peterson, Balogun Ojetade, Penelope Flynn, Malon Edwards, K. Ceres Wright and DaVaun Sanders are the storytellers that lay the foundation of this amazing empire. Dark Universe is space opera like you’ve never seen. The time has come; Dark Universe is here!


Scorned: A New Adult Romance (The Anderson Brothers Series Book 3)


by Marie Long

Love is not for the faint-hearted…
Michael “Knox” Anderson’s life in the dangerous world of illegal underground cage fighting has always been his outlet for coping with the demons that chase him. He never thought there could be a greater fear than losing this endless battle with himself… until he meets the mysterious Alexis Richards.

A tattoo artist by day and a computer hacker by night, Lexi is determined to use her skills to fight against those who would harm others.

Michael’s fascination with Lexi leaves him vulnerable and confused–feelings that he had buried years ago. When he discovers Lexi’s connections to a secret organization, he quickly realizes that this may be the final knockout if he isn’t careful.

Is Michael ready to gamble his feelings–and ultimately his life–for Lexi in order to make amends with his past, or will the demons inside him finally destroy his last hope of salvation?
*Contains adult content (18+)*


Love, Sex, And The Single Mom 3


by Sultana Sams

Nitra’s house is set on fire with her and Monty in it.
This fire could have dire consequences. Will they make it out without being gravely hurt? Kevin isn’t happy about the affair and does things that Nitra would have never believed he was capable of. Missy is also outraged and she is going down a destructive path. Things could get dangerous in this circle of scorned lovers.
Tasha is trying to be a rock for her mother after a joyous occasion turned bad. Her sister needs her too but when Tyvonna’s world is torn apart, Ty needs her to be his rock. She has to be there for her fiancé and his daughter but still gets pulled into her family’s drama. Will she be able to be there for everyone and remain sane?
Sandy and Lee find their way back together after Lee is in grave danger and she risks everything to save him. Rescuing him leads to a trail of danger for her and she finds herself doing unthinkable things and taking immense risks. Lee vows to protect her and make things right but will he be able to?


Ki Khanga: The Anthology


by Milton Davis (Author), Balogun Ojetade (Author)

What is Ki Khanga? The answer lies in the pages of this amazing anthology. Balogun Ojetade and Milton Davis define this fascinating world which forms the foundation of the Ki Khanga Sword and Soul Role Playing Game. Prepare yourself for stories of bravery, tragedy, love and adventure. Prepare yourself for Ki Khanga.


Black Power: The Superhero Anthology


by Balogun Ojetade

This groundbreaking anthology brings together twenty authors to craft original short superhero stories.

BLACK POWER: THE SUPERHERO ANTHOLOGY offers BANG-POW-THOOM action, searing satire, and thoughtful social commentary from a people too often overlooked in mainstream comic books and heroic cinema and television.

The superheroes in BLACK POWER: THE SUPERHERO ANTHOLOGY come from all walks of life. Some have superpowers that make them something more, or less, than human, but others face a dangerous world with only their wits and willpower to aid them. Some of the heroes fight against racism, sexism, gang violence and police brutality. Others combat evil on a cosmic scale. ALL of the stories are entertaining and enlightening.


Bass Reeves Frontier Marshal Volume 2


by Milton Davis (Author), Mel Odom (Author), Michael Black (Author), Derrick Ferguson (Author)

In the years after the Civil War, the greatest lawman to operate in the untamed wilderness frontiers was U.S. Deputy Marshal Bass Reeves. An ex-slave, Reeves took on the silver badge because he believe all men to be equal in the eyes of the law and so he would become an agent of that justice. In his actual career he captured over 3,000 felons and survived fourteen gun battles. A crack shot with both rifle and pistol, he was never wounded once.

Here, in this second volume of an ongoing series, the Deputy Marshal finds himself teaming up with a spitfire of a she-devil known as Quickshot Katy, chasing down desperate train robbers, protecting an army gold shipment and defending a vicious killer against an entire town demanding blood. Writers Milton Davis, Mel Odom, Michael Black and Derrick Ferguson have saddled up to deliver four new action packed western yarns starring the one and only Bass Reeves – Frontier Lawman.


Mostly Human (Book One of The Mostly Human Trilogy)


by Antoinette Houston

Honey Cantrell was a simple comic book geek before the Celestials came to Earth. Her quiet life gets rocked by an unwanted career change, an alien mating ritual, unfriendly competition and radical DNA splicing! Can she survive the changes forced on her in Mostly Human?


Seed of Scorn: Epic Fantasy Romance (The Rise of Nazil Book 2)


by Aaron-Michael Hall

Pentanimir Benoist fought a battle against the Nazilians after his love for Brahanu forced him to confront the immoralities of his heritage. He struggled to free the lands of Faélondul and end the brutalities against the humans. Now, he stands as Zaxson, the most powerful man in the lands.

In the aftermath of his victory, a new enemy emerges. Both Nikolina d’Garrion and Molag Bomgaard are unwittingly manipulated by an ancient evil. With the release of a Zon’tul and an indissoluble pact, the pall of darkness manifests: a darkness the Guardians could not foresee nor deter.

Pentanimir’s love for Brahanu was the catalyst for Nazil’s rebirth. Will that same love lead to its destruction?


The Blood of Titans


by C. Forsyth

The Blood of Titans is unique love story set in the Golden Age of Africa. It is the tale of Halima, a teenage princess who falls in love with a warrior king. Enormous obstacles lie in the way of their happiness. In the course of their adventures, Princess Halima learns about loss, duty, and the high price of romantic love — and must make a choice that determines the future of kingdoms.