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I really need to make a choice.

Work on the sequel to Mostly Human or the third book to my Red Summer series.

Or Work on my leather creations which has taken up a good bit of my time as well?

They are all going well. No writer’s block or lack of creative ideas, just not enough time! I can’t seem to split my concentration as I used too. Maybe I should come up with a schedule for each…


Mostly Human cover 1

Mostly Human (Book one)
458 people entered.
3 people won.

Once again, thanks for all the support!

Congratulations to:

Glenn H. Koopmann
Lauren Budnick
Heather E Blume
Thanks for entering and your books are in the mail! I hope you enjoy this new sci-fi series.
And remember every review helps!

Lookin’ up

As the days pass I find myself getting more and more anxious. My baby is now a big boy, more folks are taking notice of my jewelry and I’m more excited rather than reluctant as I build up my inventory and getting closer to opening a real shop! To sell my stuff will help greatly with my writing and I’m going to enjoy it. Two things I love to do.

Tomorrow the ‘winners’ of the Goodreads giveaway will be announced and I’ll be waiting for the reviews. Good or bad, wont stop me from continuing the sequel. The number of people  who put their request in is impressive and makes me giddy. I’m really impressed with all the readers willing to give me a chance! Thanks for the support!

You have less than 16 hours to put your entry in for a signed ARC of Mostly Human!!

Mostly Human cover 1

I’m still about!

I just saw that I had gotten a 5 star review on my Space Opera on Goodreads031 DSC00736 DSC00967 DSC00974! My first! That made my day! Really glad they liked it!

Been busy creating inventory for my ‘re-opening’. My Etsy shop – Antoinette’s Originals. It’s going pretty well. Been very inspired and productive, hope to get some sales once I post the picks of my pieces.

It’s been a trade. After publishing Mosttly Human, my creativity has turned to the leather working. Guess I’m taking a break from writing for a bit. Not saying that the ideas have stopped. they haven’t. Got plenty of notes for the third book of the Red Summer series, the sequel to Mostly Human is well on its way and The Amulet and Wonderlost are still moving along. It’s just my main focus is on making bracelets right now. Creativity works in straaaange ways.​


clouded sunrise

Music is a big part of my creativity. I love finding new tunes to write to. The past couple of days has proven a big surprise. Mostly because I’ve been doing a lot of leather work instead of writing. And I’ve been drawing again! I’m so excited about that! I don’t get inspired to draw much anymore so when the moment strikes it’s really fantastic and I love the end result. What writing I have been doing hasn’t been on the two stories I feel I NEED to be working on, but on a ‘on again – off again’ creation. All in the name of stress relief. Have to keep that down or depression will get the best of me. Lots of things going on and this is what keeps me somewhat sane. How do you keep stress down?

Feeling rushed

End of the school year coming for my little one!  Now what to do with him? Trying to come up with ways to keep him busy at the same time trying to continue my writing and art. in the last couple of days I have messed up a lot of leather with half ideas. not happy with that at all, but at the same time I’ve produced quite a bit of success as well.

looking forward to seeing how the boy reacts to being enrolled in Tai Kwon Do and/or soccer. As hyper as he is he should have the energy for both.

Now all I have to do is take pics of the work I have done and post them to my ‘Antoinette’s Originals’ page! That’ll be fun. Saving up to get a booth somewhere – that’ll be a new experience. Planning on going in on one with a friend or two or three. I think It’ll be great.

My writing has not slowed down, but my social media posting has. Only because I’ve been busy. Allotting time to post and re post and re post isn’t  a priority right now. So there will be the occasional post here and there. After I finish the next book and a good number of leather pieces and I guess when school ends I’ll be back in full force.


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