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Sequel to Red Summer- Wil’s Winter: Five years later

cover 2Wil and his motley family have traveled state to state and hotel hopped their way to the town of Horsenose located somewhere in Texas. With a little convincing he persuades Nikki, Ingrid and Rita to make this place their home.  Three years pass and the drama of a reasonably normal life begins to eat at Wil’s nerves. Nik and Ingrid have wedded and are expecting and he knows Rita wants what they have. But he’s not ready and it’s driving a jagged wedge between them. Not to mention the strange denizens of the town are interfering and Bobby has found their trail.

Available Halloween!

Red Summer WIPS Blog Tour!

D. A. Rhine 2Sophia GalenDelta_Shadows_cover-231x300Come by to check out my work in progress (Sequel to Red Summer: Wil’s Winter)along with that of Sophia Galen and her book: Her Destined Mate; Author Wendy Strain and her book: Out from the Delta Shadows and Author D. A. Rhines and her book (Third book in the series) Vampires of Chesapeake: Nikolaus Schild

Nikolaus Schild
Nikolaus Schild
Nikolaus Schild


My son is in Day ‘camp’ and he’s happy!  That makes me happy too.  No issues when i left him.  And my new hobby, Leather-crafting, is coming along.  Starting with the little stuff.  Handmade bookmarks to add to my Swag-bag, that’s the plan.