Grimseeker 1: book three of the Dead Path Chronicles


by Richard A. Valicek

The land of Elysium on the planet Alamptria is led by King Confidus Seaton, whose sons Caprius, Andromin, and Dragus are all knights of Petoshine, wielders of powerful claymore swords, dedicated to fighting the vampires and their allies the Goncools who follow the demonic great lord Makoor. After finding the book of Bivion, Caprius oversees the resurrection of Felicia the Golden Fleece from a mystical imprisonment of one thousand years, although her golden nature remains under a cloud cast by Makoor.
Following a failed assassination attempt against the Elysian Council, two men, Hanone Bigidrey and Rover Honsel, are condemned to death but then sold for gold to the country of Calidronia so their brains can be subjected to experiments. Felicia tells Caprius that she needs the staff of Bivion to be fully restored, and he dispatches his friend Shelly Hathoway to the land of Mulforia to find it. Caprius has a vision of a woman named Calista who tells him that Andromin will save her from rape in the future. While in the city of Koriston, Caprius and Andromin encounter the criminal Bombidus Barons and foil his plot to unleash an army of vampires, though Barons escapes. When the Calidronians fail to return the bodies of Hanone and Rover, King Confidus sends Caprius to investigate. After arriving in his air shuttle, Caprius is involved in several battles before finding evidence on a computer that Makoor’s henchman Titanis Clore is planning to send the Grim Seeker to destroy Elysium.
After killing a powerful vampire, Andromin and Dragus are cut off from their air shuttle and must go on foot. After his plan to kill Caprius fails, Titanis is drained of most of his blood by his vampire mother, Baka, who is restored as the voluptuous vampire Lydia. Makoor allows Titanis to be restored so he can pursue his plan to kill Caprius Seaton and his brothers. In the forest, Andromin and Dragus discover and rescue a bound woman whose name is Calista.
After a hospital stay, Calista is welcomed as a member of the Seaton family, though she has a secret troubled past. Revived by the staff of Bivion, Felicia is fully restored as the Golden Fleece and sears Makoor from afar with a blast of energy. She tells Melina that she will give birth to a child who will fulfill a prophecy. While the people of Elysium rejoice, the dark lord Makoor and his followers nurse their injuries and grievances and plot to unleash a fresh wave of vampirism against the humans of Alamptria.