Acceptance: NewEarth6


By Julia Schmeelk

Acceptance is the 6th of the NewEarth Series, and epic fantasy adventure about the integration of two dominant species on a sentient planet. The planet shares her power and she seems to have included the humans in that cycle. The dragons are divided on how they should respond, and they sent a representative to Grabon’s territory to learn as much as he could. Lars learns a great deal about humans and what is actually happening in Grabon’s territory. And while he reports back what he finds, he also discovers a type of acceptance that was never offered among the council and their clans. When an opportunity arises to unite with his brother, he grabs it. When a battle with an old enemy from his home clan comes to Grabon’s territory, he steps forward. When he almost dies in the battle, he is forever changed again.Acceptance is the story of Lars; it is his acceptance of himself and the will of the planet and the clan’s acceptance of him. Eventually he is given a way to find his mate, an opportunity he thought had passed him by. She is unexpected in many ways, and he must make a decision to accept or deny the bond the planet offers them both. In this adult fairytale there is a happy resolution and love filled with commitment and purpose.