Scattered Flames


by Yvonne Nicolas

The saga continues…

Rayne, the Dragon Queen, is out for blood!

Her guardian, Blaze, has been abducted by a demon witch and a warlock, two powerful minions who are under the command of Satan’s spawn, Lucius. Demetri Bithanos, Rayne’s consort, is being held prisoner by a creature forged in the bowels of the demon realm.

Rayne and her team of battle angels share a spiritual bond with Blaze, a bond that can be exploited. When they make an attempt to rescue Blaze from her captors, they come face to face with another powerful foe.

During the assault, Rayne finds herself drawing closer to the demonic side of her nature. With her sanity hanging in the balance, Rayne may be forced to abandon her humanity and succumb to the monster inside of her.

*WARNING: This book is NOT suitable for thefaint of heart, prudes or those easily bothered by vulgar language, urban dialect,demon and vampire seduction that sometimes leads to biting, kickass femalecharacters, sword-wielding bad asses, super-hot shifters who smoke a lot ofweed, dark smutty sex that leads to three-way love scenes, massive orgies witha touch of murder in the mix, and extreme violence.* Consider yourself warned.:).