Solomon’s World



by Chad Dennis

Solomon St. James is an agent with the Universal Galactic Cooperative who, while conducting a covert investigation within the Kaldovan Empire, is framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Sentenced to life in prison, Solomon finds that his jailer has a different view of what defines a prison.

Dropped naked and unarmed into the most inhospitable region of an uninhabited, uncharted, and unclassified planet, Solomon’s days could be numbered. Survival isn’t easy among the stacks; a forest of tall, skyscraper-like, pillars of stone where the choice of food or water is separated by long, treacherous climbs.

To complete his investigation and redeem his name, Solomon must first survive the hostile creatures that prowl the equally hostile terrain while finding a way to escape his planetary prison.

Heron’s Bonds: NewEarth2


by Julia Schmeelk

Heron’s Bonds is the second book in the NewEarth Saga. It is a fantasy romance, a fairytale for adults, that includes the integration of two dominant species on a sentient planet. It is a romance orchestrated by the planet as she pairs up her people in an effort to keep them sane, happy and loyal. Heron’s Bonds is the story of Heron, the first human to build psychic bonds with a dragon and how the planet brings him his mate Trissy and they build a life in the shadow of Grabon’s nest.

Possession Of My Heart (The Three Immortal Blades Book 2)


by Kia Carrington-Russell

After the great fight between Tyran and Misfeata, Karla is recovering. Misfeata has manipulated and possessed her body leaving it in carnage — now, she lies dormant. But for how long?

As Karla tries to avoid the war, she inevitably drags Paul into a dangerous adventure in search of her parents and a cure to keep her alive.

For an unknown reason a rare Elemental Breather, Taskatae who calls herself ‘Mother’ has a target on Karla’s and Lucas back which draws the two back together. After Lucas’s betrayal Karla can’t stand to see him resurface in front of her. She must learn to trust him again so both her and Paul can come out of this hunt alive.

Can Karla survive the battle from not only the physical world but from within? As she battles to take claim of her body and soul, she soon comes to realise who may truly possess her heart.

Riptide: Betrayal of Blood (The Maura DeLuca Trilogy Book 3)



by Claudette Melanson

Maura has never felt so alone in her life…nor has her existence ever been so overshadowed by peril…

Not only do both her parents—her distant but loving mother and recently- returned father—remain absent from her life, but due to the hideous error in judgement executed in collusion with her best friend, Valdamir, and adoptive sister, Susie, Maura has been cut off from the pair’s friendship and support, forbidden by both her father and the fallout from the dire outcome to see either of them. The heartbreak she suffers, brought on by the weight of these estrangements, is only intensified by the continued mysterious absence of her supernaturally-destined mate, Ron…whose disappearance delivers grave consequences Maura would have never dreamed possible…

Treasure of the Rogue Moon (Treasures of Space Book 3)


by S. Evan Townsend


. . . what fools these mortals be!

Jil Handaughter and Rick Bailey are living in hiding, hoping the Core Empire or the Interstellar Militia and Police won’t find them. Hiding is safe, but boring. When a strange creature offers them the chance to find an ancient artifact on a “rogue moon” that can do “something wondrous,” they jump at the opportunity.

Pursued by Core Empire operatives who want to take Bailey back to Earth for execution and the authorities who want to put Jil back in prison, they race across the galaxy looking for clues to the artifact. But the mysteries add up: what does the archaic race of the Agrocrageenans have to do with it, and what does that strange being that appears to have telepathic powers want?

Will Rick and Jil find the rogue moon before the authorities or the Core Empire catches up to them? Is it worth risking their lives for the treasure of the rogue moon?

Chasing The Demon (Gateway Book 2)


by Louise G White

The system has been changing; the Agency flaunts its cruel practices, and the balance of the realms has been disrupted. Ethan’s enforcers are already stretched to the limits, and things get worse when alliances are forged between the worst of the demon realms. Meanwhile, on Empustat, Carolyn has spent an entire year being “reconditioned” – her memories being wiped and replaced in order to produce a limited and vapid princess. Under the constraints of the Chief, she is no longer the feared and mythical “destroyer” Carolyn’s life of privilege is marred only by the expectations held for her to marry Peter and produce heirs for the realm. Her friend, Mario, in contrast, has suffered hardship and humiliation at the hands of the Lilim guard – and a chance encounter will spur Carolyn’s awakening. The disabled gateway has frustrated the team’s efforts to reach Carolyn, and Ethan and Note can barely tolerate each other, but both mage and demon share the same goals. Hope by way of an unexpected source leads to the team embarking on a plan so daring that their survival hangs in the balance. With old and new friends from the realms, the fight for order continues.