by Milton Davis (Author), Kai Leakes (Author), Zig Zag Claybourne (Author), Keith Gaston (Author), Deanna Baran (Author), Carole McDonnell (Author), Emmalia Harrington (Author), Jeff Carroll (Author), S.A. Cosby (Author), Gerald L Coleman (Author), Balogun Ojetade

Where Sword and Soul ends and before Steamfunk begins, there is the Age of Spring Technology and Clockwork.

Imagine an alternate universe where chronomancer Benjamin Banneker crafts a world of automatons, clockwork airships and other marvels; where Nat Turner leads a rebellion, killing hordes of vampire slave owners; where the pirate queen, Black Pitch Pauline joins Jean-Jacques Dessalines in defeating Napoleon during the Haitian Revolution. Think Three Finger’d Jack; the pirate, Black Caesar; the Black Count, Nat Turner, and the Stono Rebellion…THAT is Rococoa!

Fourteen masters of speculative fiction have taken a new genre, embraced its established themes and refashioned them in surprising ways and settings. The result is an anthology that defies its genre even as it defines it.