Wil’s Winter


by Antoinette Houston

In Wil’s Winter, (Book 2 of The Red Summer Series) the adventure continues five years later in a nowhere town in Texas. Wil’s trying to have a normal life, but nothing’s going as he thought it would. With Ingrid and Nikki’s recent marriage and the impending birth of their twins, the pressure to take that next step with Red is crushing him. It’s only a matter of time before the interference of the townfolk, his betrayal, and their past rips their relationship apart.




by Milton Davis (Author), Kai Leakes (Author), Zig Zag Claybourne (Author), Keith Gaston (Author), Deanna Baran (Author), Carole McDonnell (Author), Emmalia Harrington (Author), Jeff Carroll (Author), S.A. Cosby (Author), Gerald L Coleman (Author), Balogun Ojetade

Where Sword and Soul ends and before Steamfunk begins, there is the Age of Spring Technology and Clockwork.

Imagine an alternate universe where chronomancer Benjamin Banneker crafts a world of automatons, clockwork airships and other marvels; where Nat Turner leads a rebellion, killing hordes of vampire slave owners; where the pirate queen, Black Pitch Pauline joins Jean-Jacques Dessalines in defeating Napoleon during the Haitian Revolution. Think Three Finger’d Jack; the pirate, Black Caesar; the Black Count, Nat Turner, and the Stono Rebellion…THAT is Rococoa!

Fourteen masters of speculative fiction have taken a new genre, embraced its established themes and refashioned them in surprising ways and settings. The result is an anthology that defies its genre even as it defines it.


The Blood of Titans


by C. Forsyth

The Blood of Titans is unique love story set in the Golden Age of Africa. It is the tale of Halima, a teenage princess who falls in love with a warrior king. Enormous obstacles lie in the way of their happiness. In the course of their adventures, Princess Halima learns about loss, duty, and the high price of romantic love — and must make a choice that determines the future of kingdoms.

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The Bone Dancer


by Katie Masters

In the magical desert of Cassir, only the nomadic caravans wander and thrive in the brutal, vast, scorching lands. But a darkness is drawing near, and heroes must rise, if they dare to answer the desert’s call.

All Ansi wants to do is be a dancer. However as second daughter of chief to the Mawavi tribe, she’s expected to do only one thing: marry well. Kept under the strict rule of her mother, Ansi secretly plans her escape. But when the caravan tribes begin gathering for the winter festival, she quickly finds her plans ruined and time running out, until the Bone Dancers arrive, offering her an escape.

Yet the legendary dancers seem to know more about Ansi than they’re letting on, and the desert’s cries are growing louder…


The Asanti Series (3 Book Series)


From Book 1: Demorn will go anywhere, kill anyone, to resurrect her dead friend’s soul!

Demorn has been the exile of a dead world since she was thirteen. Reality has been infected, setting up different Universes and wiping the memories of the population throughout past and present. Her birthplace, Asanti was destroyed in aftershocks. It’s known as the Fracture Event.

She belongs to the Innocents, a Clubhouse of mercenaries and assassins based inside the future city of Babelzon.

Uncovering a terrifying conspiracy of multi-dimensional demon gods hiding in plain sight, she must risk everything in a desperate quest for something bigger than a bounty if Babelzon and everything she loves are to be saved!