Nightfall by [Hoole, Peter]


by Peter Hoole

Years ago, they made a discovery – an ancient well that may hold the key to everlasting life. Since the discovery, they have been observing the world up close and from afar. Over time, it has become apparent to them that the world is destroying itself.

They decide to begin the next phase of their plan – a plan that threatens the very nature of human kind.

Caleb is a US Marine living in Los Angeles with Darcy, his long-time girlfriend.
One day, Darcy receives an email from one of her colleagues. Caleb sees something embedded in the attachments – a file that he recognises from one of his missions.

Now that his working life and personal life have overlapped, Caleb must rely on all his training and instincts if he is to keep himself and Darcy alive…

See you in the next life.