The Dantonville Legacy (3 Book Series)

The Dantonville Legacy (3 Book Series)

The Dantonville Legacy (3 Book Series) by  Tima Maria Lacoba

Primary school teacher Laura Dantonville’s ordinary life comes to an end when she learns her family’s frightening ancestral legacy.
Propelled into a violent underworld ruled by magic, murder and mystery, and stalked by vampire clans who would do anything to possess her, Laura has to consent to the protection of a guardian – Alec Munro, powerful leader of the Dantonville clan – whose coveted position relies on her willingness to accept him.
And she has only one day to make a decision.
With time running out, Laura must choose to either accept her fate or allow her vampire-hating detective boyfriend to end the legacy his way – by wiping out the vampire side of her family.
After all, they’re not human are they?

Cast the First Stone (The Road to Redemption Saga Book 1)


by Chad Dennis

Alistair Cowley just wanted to end his life. A simple leap from the tallest building in town should have accomplished that goal. Except it didn’t. Now, he’s agreed to be possessed by some wisecracking demon sharing his body and head space while fighting humans, monsters, angels, demons, and seven unholy queens of hell while trying to save the world.

Yeah. Some days the leap from that roof looks better…

In the Demon’s Pall: The Chronicles of the Mid Kingdom Book One


by Chris Thompson

Gabriel Devaux never wanted more than a decent enough life for him and his foster sister. But one fateful encounter at the Barrier, a magical wall protecting the world from evil, altered the course of his destiny forever.

Now with a new opportunity to fight in the Arena, a brutal, magical gladiatorial tournament, Gabriel must learn to fight with a new team of would-be Champions.

But when he learns of an insidious enemy plotting to destroy the Mid Kingdom and everyone in it, Gabriel finds himself thrust into events that force him to see the world in a disturbing new light. When the moment of truth arrives, will he overcome the challenges before him, and become the honoured Champion of the Arena his mentor wants him to be, or will he fail, and tip the world into darkness?

Wonderlost: Book One An #epicfantasy

Wondelost Fotolia

Wonderlost: Book one

by Antoinette J. Houston

Tirin Desgjin had everything she wanted, but it took being kidnapped to see it. The romance she dreamed about, the acclaim most worked all their lives to achieve, the belonging she’d always wanted, and the magykal talent that she thought would bring it all to her.

The usual rites of adulthood for Tirin’s twentieth birthday bring about more than her uncommon magykal ability: they expose a secret long buried. A secret that forces a cursed elf to face his nightmares, a prince to face his daemons, and a father to face his past. Will Tirin survive all the revelations?

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The Bennu Project


by Tyrone Givens

Young Azubuike is a survivor. Countless generations have passed since the fracture, and subsequent collapse, of the Meroan Republic. Yet remnants of their culture and technology continue to persist on various worlds that have been conquered by their enemies. Subjugated and oppressed, the descendants of this once great republic know they must change the direction of their fate or face extinction.
On a dangerous run to scavenge supplies from a remote excavation site located in an isolated section of the Meza ruins, Azubuike and his friends encounter a unique piece of technology left behind by their ancestors. Once exposed to it, the device begins to alter Azubuike’s reality in ways that could, ultimately, unravel his mind. There is no way for the group to know the danger, or benefit, posed by this ancient technology even though it has already set in motion a series of events that will forever change the lives of Azubuike and his friends. Has he just unlocked the secret to ending the alien occupation of his world? Or will it bring about the final destruction of his people?

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Unfrozen (Valos of Sonhadra, #9)

Unfrozen (Valos of Sonhadra #9)

When the penitentiary ship she’s incarcerated in gets sucked into an anomaly, Lydia barely survives the crash onto an alien planet. Only the sadistic experiments performed on her by the prison’s scientist allow her to survive this harsh and dangerous world. The future looks grim until she stumbles upon a magnificent city of ice and its most unusual inhabitant.

Kai is fascinated by the delicate stranger fallen from the stars with the power to bring his hibernating city back to life. She stirs emotions long forgotten by his frozen heartstone. Can she be the salvation of his people or will the trap set by the Creators bring about their collective doom?

This book is standalone.

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Planet Dead 2: Patient Zero


by Sylvester Barzey

“I’m not sure how I ended up here. Hell I don’t even know where here is. Those aren’t questions I can answer. What I can tell you is how it all started. My name is Christian Fidal but for the past year, I’ve been called Patient Zero… And This is my story.”
Months before the clowns, the farm house and the Atlanta outbreak. In a whole other part of America, Christian Fidal is coming to terms with the death of his father. All he wants is to be left alone in his guilt and self loathing, but his office crush Trinity and his cousin Hector have other plans in mind. What was meant to be a fun night at the company holiday party turns into a fight for their lives.

A mysterious virus is quickly claiming victims within the grand walls of the Eastman hotel, but when these victims die, they don’t stay Dead.

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