War of the Gypsy: The Sword of Rhiannon: Book Two


by Melissa E. Beckwith

Can Rhiannon give up everything she’s always wanted for a destiny she never asked for?

Rhiannon is facing insurmountable challenges. In addition to gaining the trust of her mighty nation to accept her as their new empress, she must also convince them to get involved in a civil war they care nothing about.

Baobh will not be dissuaded from seeking Rhiannon’s blood. Rhiannon might be cloistered within the marble walls of Màrrach, but that won’t stop her. She will end the new empress’s life and prove the prophecy false. The throne of Beaynid is hers by right and no one will take it from her!

Flath is besieged with self-doubt. The rebellion is all but wiped out and he cannot count on the Archigos aid in their war. When a long-kept family secret is finally revealed, it changes everything!