MINE (When They Return Book 3)


by M’Renee Allen

-A young medium searches for a way to help a ghost who keeps haunting her. –

Placed in foster care when she was five, Tiffanie Wright has always been able to see ghosts. They come to her in her dreams. They come for one reason, peace. For some, peace is getting a chance to say goodbye to a loved one. For others it’s helping the police find their killer. Tiffanie has made it her life’s mission to help bring the ghosts who seek her aid justice.

However, one ghost in particular is different. She haunts Tiffanie while she’s asleep and while she’s awake. Tiffanie travels all the way from Hattiesburg, Ms to Shreveport, LA to figure out what it will take to bring this ghost peace.

Unfortunately, this ghost doesn’t want to catch a killer or tell a loved one goodbye.

This ghost wants what’s rightfully hers and she’ll do whatever it takes to get it.