Shadow Walker (The Divided Star Series Book 2)


by Cindy Charity

Tala Shane had been happy once, she had had a home, and a family. But that was a long time ago. She keeps those memories locked deep inside of her mind, secretly hoping that one day, she would have that kind of life again. On the run from a young age, Tala trusts no one. Her gifts have placed her in danger. She is a Shadow Walker, the last in her family’s line. With a wolf as her only companion, Tala must avoid those who wish to use her gifts for evil.
When a voice comes to her, warning her of a new danger, asking her to trust, she finds herself struggling. The last time she trusted someone, it had nearly destroyed her. When that someone turned out to be a tall, gorgeous warrior, Tala knew her life was about to change–forever.
Tristan of Bala was the definition of sophistication. But beneath the designer clothes and elegant speech, was a warrior bent on revenge.
Darkness threatened his world, and his family had fallen to the army of the sorcerer Mikel. When the Goddess of War, Agrona, called for his sword, he had answered gladly.
He, along with four other warriors, must find the Fragments. Once united, they would destroy Mikel.
When he finds the Fragment connected to him, Tristan sees a future he never thought possible for himself. But in order to convince her to that she was his, and that she must fight to save not only Earth, but all worlds, he must break down the walls surrounding her heart and get her to trust him.