#Morning Feature

THE KILLER ANGEL : Book Three “Journey” (Volume 3)

by Myles Stafford

She had a way of sizing up a man that was interesting and distinctive; oftentimes even amusing. Her eyes would scan up then down, calmly, taking in every detail, her hands usually resting easily on two of the pistols holstered in her vest (when impatient, her fingers would gently tap the guns). I think this mentally disarmed her potential adversary, as they would think her unprepared – so very few had any concept of her lightning speed. You may be surprised to learn that Nicki Redstone was not cocky or arrogant, as some have suggested – not in the least. She was, in many respects, quite a humble, even self-effacing person. And humorous? One would not think that someone in such a grim line of work could be comedic, but her wit and timing often kept me cheerfully calm in situations that could easily have been completely demoralizing It is true that Nicki suffered at night, in sleep. I would sometimes wake in apprehension at the sounds of a struggle, only to see her hands pushing at something in the air, sometimes her legs would kick out. Even in darkness, I could see her face burning with anger, and sometimes I saw fear – the only time I witnessed the expression on her beautiful face. Ben and I both worried for her. On occasion he would nudge her into relaxation, and often I would speak quiet phrases of French to ease her to softer dreams. Out of necessity, she was sensitive to sound – we all were. Nicki Redstone was born for this world, this I believe. She was, is, and always shall be my friend – my daughter, my blood-sister, and even my mother. I stand by her always.