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The Nuremberg Puzzle by [O'Bryan, Laurence]

The Nuremberg Puzzle

by Laurence O’Bryan

Sean Ryan uncovers a conspiracy to rid Germany of its refugees. After flying to Nuremberg, he sees anger, stoked up by rival factions, and blood on its streets.

An old friend in the city, Eleni Kibre, complains about the anti-refugee groups spreading fast across the country. An hour after he leaves her she is murdered. The police arrive at Sean’s hotel to question him. Then Eleni’s partner goes missing.

Can Sean stop a new genocide or will he too become a victim?

Hatred of foreigners has been buried for decades, but not deep enough. The long lost letters from Pope Pius XII to Adolf Hitler, which the Vatican is willing to do anything to retrieve, are the final pieces of this shocking puzzle, which Sean must solve, before a new type of genocide is released on the world.

“A shocking secret, hidden for decades, is revealed in The Nuremberg Puzzle. Do not miss this straight-from-the-headlines thriller, the premise of which is profoundly disturbing on many levels”.