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Crystal Rebellion (Crystal Series Book 3) by [Cooper, Doug J.]

Crystal Rebellion (Crystal Series Book 3)

by Doug J. Cooper

Ruga, leader of the Mars ruling council, is building a secret facility to produce four-gen crystals, each a sentient AI with the cognitive ability of a thousand humans. Criss, the only four-gen now in existence, discovers Ruga’s plan and alerts Sid, Cheryl, and Juice, his human leadership team.

The stakes skyrocket when the full scope of Ruga’s nefarious plans are revealed: the production of four-gens without the attribute that requires them to follow leadership, the same hard-wired feature that compels Criss to follow his. Unfettered by human guidance, the four-gens will lay siege to Earth and its resources. When they do, will they view humans as a nuisance to be eliminated?

The only option is to stop crystal production before it starts. After an anxious journey to Mars, Criss and the team arrive to find events spinning beyond their control. While they’d started with the goal of saving humanity, Sid, Cheryl, and Juice find themselves in a desperate struggle for their own survival. And as the battle with Ruga grows to intergalactic proportions, Criss must make impossible decisions about who lives and who dies…including himself.




#Afternoon Feature

We're All Going To Die (Monster Hunter Extraordinaire Book 2) by [Ryan, Paul W.]

We’re All Going To Die (Monster Hunter Extraordinaire Book 2)

by Paul W. Ryan

Monster hunting is hard. Really hard. As it turns out, faking being a monster hunter isn’t quite as easy as I’d thought.

A new threat stirs in the shadows, drawing deadlines across the city, one of which will either kill me or make my bank account that bit more luscious.

It’s time to show these monsters what a grossly overpaid, and under-qualified monster hunter can do.


#Morning Feature

Plugged In: A Short Story by [Lane, Natasha]

Plugged In: A Short Story

by Natasha Lane

“The Global Progress Corporation has one goal: to make the world a better place. By maintaining the higher, more intelligent class of humanity while catering to the needs of the lower, weak minded classes, Global Progress Corporation has set the human race on the right track to a better future. Will you join the movement?”

Ted likes his job. Not only does he have a chance to see the Plugs with his own eyes, but Global Progress Corporation pays well and the job is very simple. He comes into work, checks the inventory, monitors their vitals, and prepares to do it all again after one rotation. Yes, it’s very simple, until one of the inventory goes missing…

Oceana cannot remember life before the manor. She cannot remember seeing anything beyond the sea shore where her home rests. But something is wrong. Every day is a routine, a repeat of the day before. From the cook spilling breakfast to the strange, orange cat who materializes in the garden when she takes her walk, Oceana knows something is wrong. And then a storm comes and the world turns black.


#Afternoon Feature

The Witch's Cat: A Curvy Shifter Romance #1: Also contains Chasing Tail: A Curvy Shifter Romance #2) by [Taylor, India]

The Witch’s Cat: A Curvy Shifter Romance #1: Also contains Chasing Tail: A Curvy Shifter Romance #2)

by India Taylor

The Witch’s Cat
Leah has struggled with her body image for years and food is too much of a temptation to resist. She turns to exercise but trying not to draw attention to yourself when you have more bounce than Beyoncé is not easy. When she takes to the woods, she runs straight into trouble and he isn’t quite what he appears to be.
Jack should know well enough not to meddle with humans but when Leah’s curves send him flying, he can think of nothing more than getting his hands on them.

Chasing Tail
Simone hasn’t had a lick of romance in years and the closest thing to a sexual encounter was an episode of Supernatural where Dean Winchester takes his shirt off. So, when two men take a sudden interest in her she does the only thing a shifter wolf can do and lets her nose decide.


#Morning Feature

Calan's Eden by [Cullens, L. G.]

Calan’s Eden

by L. G. Cullens

Struggling with differences between Shoshone perspectives and demands of a materialistic culture, how does Calan come to terms with life’s challenges?

An adventurous journey with contrasting cultures, natural world trials, physical and metaphysical experiences, and a roller-coaster of interactions, served up with a naturalistic style. A book the reader won’t soon forget.

In essence a thought provoking and engrossing collection of connected sketches reflective of our physical existence, exploring watersheds of Calan’s life path attuning to natural world awareness and respectful coexistence with all beings.

The journey begins at the end, then follows a progression of milestones in arriving again with new understanding, itself an analogy of Mother Nature’s cycle of life renewal.