#Morning Feature

Stanley McCloud Must Die! (more dark comedy for grown-ups)

by Adrian Baldwin

Stanley McCloud Must Die! (more dark comedy for grown-ups) by [Baldwin, Adrian]

Death can be a real downer.

Just ask Stanley McCloud. The ancient and inveterate gambler has just found out he hasn’t long to live.

Refusing to believe his prognosis, though, Stan puts a massive bet on that he will reach his next birthday. Surely his run of bad luck can’t last!

Unfortunately for Stan the independent bookie he uses grows nervous as the big day approaches and decides to bump him off with one of her many fun, but ever-so-slightly fatal, high-odds proposition bets – aka Maggy’s Specials.

Will Stanley McCloud make it, ruining Maggy McCulloch in the process; or will the heartless bookie have her evil way, ‘accidentally’ kill him, and save her business?

Perhaps Stan’s womanising, alcoholic old pal Dougie can be of some help? Yeah, right! Good luck with that.

Oh, and there’s a whole secondary storyline about The Head Honcho, a serial killer who leaves his victims’ torsos in one place, and their heads in another. Yikes!