#Afternoon Feature

Fateless #2 (Twin Soul Novels)

by Victoria Limbert

Fateless #2 (Twin Soul Novels) by [Limbert, Victoria]

Caring for Calum and his newly acquired demon soul is harder than Annette Anderson ever imagined. His vicious temper and uncontrolled desires are exhausting. Both are suffering under the pressure of their new roles as ‘Master’ and ‘Inferior’.

Annette seeks out her old business partner and is set to work running security for the Demon owned club, The Red Ribbon. It seems like the escape she needs until a corpse is found by her team, murdered in a way neither she or Lilith has seen before. The murder stirs up a face from the past and a world of pain, danger and maybe even war awaits her. Annette calls on all her bravery and strength to track the killer, even if its ends up destroying her.