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Desperate Call (New Breed Novels Book 5)

by Martha Bourke

Desperate Call (New Breed Novels Book 5) by [Bourke, Martha]

Pax, the bravest and most honorable brother in the Order, is fearless in the face of the enemy. His skills in battle are legendary, but his need to cling to duty hides a crushing fear of abandonment. Banished by his family as a teen for being gay, only to lose the love of his life, Pax is just beginning to open up again.

James, a brash young brother led by the heart, has a different kind of courage that has led him to make an unimaginable sacrifice. As anger and guilt begin to consume him, James is becoming a danger to himself and to his brothers. The passion of the two warriors is fierce both on and off the battlefield, but will it be enough to save James from himself?