Author of the Week – Al Stewart!

ATL native Alfred Stewart who’s passion for the creation of really creative art and story-telling lead him to produce many comics in his day. Counter Agents is the first comics to be produced for online creation

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  • 3105AD

    In 3050AD, humans secured a fully operational Faster Than Light (FTL) system: The Space Vault. 50 years later the humans were enslaved by an invading race called the Forillians, who were looking for a new home. Strict but gentle masters, many humans chose to serve them. After 300 years Forillians freed the humans allowing them to join their society, partly due to the works of one man, Arthur Richards. Richards created a supplement that allowed Forillians to live 30 more years longer than their previous average lifespan of 60 human years. With this, Arthur Richards became the first human Forillian council member. This marked the true beginning of the unification of Humans and Forillians.

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