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Magic Missy Cat Trilogy (Missy Cat Trilogies Book 1)

by Maureen Brindle

Magic Missy Cat Trilogy (Missy Cat Trilogies Book 1) by [Brindle, Maureen]

Missy Cat’s Christmas Fairy (Missy and the Fairy Book 1)

An illustrated children’s story in verse. A story of adventure, poverty and Christmas magic. Love, and kindness triumphs over all. A poor farmer saves an abandoned cat and kittens from the river. He takes them home and gives them his last milk. A fairy, who can change into different forms including a bird and a Christmas Tree Fairy, works magic on Christmas Eve.

Magic Missy’s Missing Kitten (Missy & the Fairy Book 2)

One of Missy Cat’s kittens, Smokey, is stolen. Missy discovers the magic powers that were given to her by the fairy to use for good. She sets off with her kittens on a flying carpet to rescue Smokey.
Magic Missy’s Missing Kitten is a beautifully illustrated story in rhyming verse. It is the second book of a continuing series of Missy & the Fairy adventures.

Magic Missy & the Tiger Eye (Missy & the Fairy Book 3)

Magic Missy & the Tiger Eye is an adventure story in verse. It is beautifully illustrated by Patricia Eichler and printed in full color. It is the third book in the Magic Missy Series. It is designed to promote kindness, caring for the community and environment. It introduces children to narrative poetry. The adventure takes place around Thanksgiving Day.