#Afternoon Feature

The Gavin Shawlens Thriller Box Set (eBooks 1-3)

by Gordon Bickerstaff

The Gavin Shawlens Thriller Box Set (eBooks 1-3) by [Bickerstaff, Gordon]

Series eBook Box Set (Deadly Secrets/Everything To Lose/The Black Fox)

Introducing Dr Gavin Shawlens and Capt. Zoe Tampsin.
Doomwatch investigators for The Lambeth Group. A covert government department formed to investigate research and technology crimes and disasters.

Gavin is a top research scientist, a reticent loner with past issues haunting him. Zoe is a no-nonsense Special Forces soldier at the top of her game, and she needs all of her impressive skills to protect Gavin while they investigate unspeakable crimes, conspiracy and the outcomes of catastrophic research.