#Morning Feature

Grace of the Light

by Fergal F. Nally

Grace of the Light by [Nally, Fergal F.]

“We will seek and yes, we will find. We will kill and we will grind. Blood and bone, soul and mind will be ours, in revenge, in payment for this day of days.” Raine of Farne is on a journey to find the Twist, a journey that will take her across the Jacta Arx Mountains to Si an Bhru and its ghosts. Bright Feather, Watcher of the Realm, recruits Tuath, a ring fighter and Grace of the Light, a Stolen, to do her dirty work. Tuath to deliver a message against impossible odds and Grace to assassinate six souls in six days. Meanwhile, the demon sisters Ashtoreth and Morrigan grow stronger, their purpose, to annihilate the race of men. Will the Simulacrum Lords listen? Will Si an Bhru reveal its dark secret? Will light prevail over darkness? Enter at your peril… may Grace of the Light be with you… not against you.



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