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Falling Grace: It falls when you love, it falls when you force

by Kunwar Nitin

Falling Grace: It falls when you love, it falls when you force by [Nitin, Kunwar]

When life delivers an unkind blow…

Falling Grace is a romantic drama and thriller that describes the rollercoaster ride of love, lust and life. It is the story of a woman whose grace experiences a steep fall that she least expected. Outraged by a monster she had nurtured and cared for, she is at her lowest ebb in life—with a trampled dignity and a wounded soul.

In a stranger, she finds the awakening she has been searching for. As she bares her heart to him, she emerges with a clear conscience, her dignity restored and soul salvaged. The deep, dark secret of the past is no longer a clinging burden on her mind.

This sensational love-hate story will take you into depths hitherto unfathomed, leaving you shocked and gasping for breath.


#Afternoon Feature

Alter Ego (The Davenport Decrees Book 1)

by Tory Allyn

Alter Ego (The Davenport Decrees Book 1) by [Allyn, Tory]

At Granite’s Mill, deep in the backwoods of Virginia, a body is discovered with unusual physical characteristics. By morning, the media erupts over a headline in a local newspaper, ‘The Son of Virginia’s Governor is Missing’. FBI Special Agent Jack Stanwick is handed the case. Realizing he’ll have to go outside the brethren, Jack marshals the help of an old friend, Raymond Davenport, who hung a sign on a renovated brownstone in Washington, DC, with the verbiage: Davenport Detective Agency. To assist him, he hired three former police officers from various precincts, who like himself, blew the whistle on dirty cops only to deal with the fervent hostility from the brotherhood. With the investigation under way, the detectives stumble upon a group of men known as M.A.G.O.C., who’re muddled in a governmental conspiracy involving a top-ranking official at the White House. With their many resources, they dig further and unearth Prescott Chemicals. Years earlier, the owner and his lead chemist had stolen an elixir from the Mayapo natives of the Amazon rainforest and have transformed it into a formula to be used in a congressional scheme. When the detectives accidently come into contact with the new formulation, something undesirable happens to one of them, altering his life forever.


#Morning Feature

Nowhere To Run: BWWM Romantic Suspense Novel (Going Nowhere Fast Book 1)

by M’Renee Allen

Nowhere To Run: BWWM Romantic Suspense Novel (Going Nowhere Fast Book 1) by [Allen, M'Renee]

How did a text message lead to blood on her hands?

Melanie Pittman never should’ve responded to the message her boss sent, demanding she join the festivities at his mansion. With her job on the line, she showed up, only to flee moments later, covered in her boss’s blood.
And his son had watched her flee.

She’d known his willingness to not turn her in was too good to be true. Now he’s blackmailing her: sex for silence. The only thing making this situation worse was the fact that she enjoyed the things he did to her. The way he handled her body, the dirty things he said to her, she loved it all, even though she knew he would never think of her as anything other than a toy he could play with, manipulate. He held her freedom in his hands.

And now his older, more ruthless brother knows what she’s done.

What will it take to keep him silent?


Author of the week – Lenore Wolfe!

Lenore Wolfe

 Lenore Wolfe

Best known for writing Witch Fantasy, Lenore Wolfe is also a lover of Mystical, Historical Western Romance where you will meet cowboys and gunslingers you can only dream about, and Witchy Cozy Mysteries that are both fun and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Shifter Fantasy, Cat People (A Series Spotlight to Cat People, Cry of the Jaguar) (Realm of the Jaguar People Book 1)

Shifter Fantasy, Cat People (A Series Spotlight to Cat People, Cry of the Jaguar) (Realm of the Jaguar People Book 1) by [Wolfe, Lenore]

A full short-story spotlight of the upcoming new Cat People series.Book One, Cry of the Jaguar, soon to be released:

For Centuries, the Jaguar People have lived on the edge of extinction, keeping their band at the Alliance, helping humans live around the edges of the supernatural world without their knowledge. Growing up, Josephine remains oblivious to her people until upon turning 21, she gets the shock of her life when she learns that her cousin is Jaguar, setting her on a path where she soon uncovers secrets of her ancient family–their old legend–the fable of the Jaguar People, the Sisters of Three and the Witches that will change her life…. But will she learn this secret in time to save her life?


#Evening Feature

An Outlaw’s Sacrifice (Ghosts of Our Pasts Book 2)

by A. M. Wagner

An Outlaw's Sacrifice (Ghosts of Our Pasts Book 2) by [Wagner, A. M.]

Mexico, 1871

Jesse, an outlaw with a price on his head, has been captured. And all in a failed attempt to save the woman he loves from her abusive fiancé, who had managed to track her down. Now, Jesse will stop at nothing to get Anna back, and away from the man she had tried so desperately to escape. The only problem: the dozen lawmen who have taken Jesse into custody. But he soon realizes he may still have a shot at freedom, and saving Anna. All thanks to a very unlikely ally.

For the first time in his life, Ed is happy. He has a home, and Beth, the woman who has captured his heart. But all that is turned upside down when Ed learns that Jesse has been captured by the law. Not willing to leave his brother to hang at the end of a noose, Ed and Beth set out to save Jesse from the hands of the law. But they soon discover that their perilous task could have permanent consequences on their relationship.

With winter setting in, and a cross country journey ahead of them, Jesse and Ed will risk it all to keep their loved ones safe, and to finally get the freedom they’ve been searching for all their life.


#Afternoon Feature

The Kurdish Connection

by Randall Krzak

The Kurdish Connection by [Krzak, Randall]


In their daily struggle for survival, Iraqi Kurdish scavengers uncover a cache of chemical weapons. They offer the weapons to Kurdish rebels in Turkey and Syria to assist in their quest to free an imprisoned leader and create a unified homeland. After receiving a tip from an unlikely source, the newly formed Special Operations Bedlam team is called to arms. Can the team recover the weapons before it’s too late?


Into Space Operas?

Mostly Human – Book One

Honey Cantrell was a simple comic book geek before the Celestials came to Earth. Her quiet life gets rocked by an unwanted career change, an alien mating ritual, unfriendly competition and radical DNA splicing! Can she survive the changes forced on her in Mostly Human?


Semi-Human – Book Two

The wild adventure of Mostly Human continues in Semi-Human as Honey realizes her changes are affecting her partner, too! Emotions run high as she gets closer to Bo causing a reaction in Sammus she never expected. Bo’s growing affection for the little Human threatens his careful plans and drastic measures have to be taken.


Author of the Week!Lisa Gilis

Lisa Gillis

by Lisa Gillis

Lisa Gillis resides in Texas, and often references this state in her books. Writing is a recent passion, and she strives in her books to blend a perfect mixture of fantasy and reality. Her love for music, bands, and concerts inspired her Strings Series. When she is not writing those little voices out of her head while listening to music, she is making her own noise on drums or guitar. You can visit her at https://www.facebook.com/lisathedramaqueen

Rock Stars (Silver Strings D Book 3)

Rock Stars (Silver Strings D Book 3) by [Gillis, Lisa]

They were once friends, once lovers, once famous. They are soul mates, and four years apart has not changed that. Four years apart, however, has changed them.

She is sober.
He is a superstar.

Staying in the shadows becomes impossible when the only man Jules Breaux has ever loved is in the spotlight, but rekindling that old sweet fire means trading her quiet life for the rock and roll world from which she once ran.

Rock god Matt Loren’s passion is music, yet for years, he has stared into thousands of faces seeking the one he wants most to see. When finally he lays eyes on this former flame, the private desire to win back his true love becomes a public affair.

Their love for each other is limitless, a passion that has proven to survive all, but after withstanding the test of time, will that old feeling endure a very public existence and the stresses of life in the fast lane?

Live a vinyl journey through the 70’s, a time of political unrest and memorable events. Watch as surfing and skateboarding become a culture. Listen as music changes, and rock and roll is reshaped. Walk the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.


#Morning Feature

War Child: The Cutting


War Child: The Cutting by [SMITH, C L]

First in the breath-taking WAR CHILD trilogy. Set in the scorching savannah heat of deepest Africa a terrible war is about to descend upon the once mighty Leopard tribe. The warrior men of the village will be murdered and the women and their children will be rounded up like dogs and taken to distant lands. All that remain will be the injured and the elderly and a handful of boys that had managed to escape the attack and one other, a fifteen-year-old girl called Kadogos. But Kadogos is no ordinary girl. She is the Leopard chiefs daughter and the mightiest warrior of the tribe. And with her small army of boys she will seek out and hunt the soldiers that have destroyed her village and will not rest until each of them has been killed by her Leopards deadly claws.