#Evening Feature

Calan’s Eden

by L. G. Cullens

Calan's Eden by [Cullens, L. G.]

Struggling with differences between Shoshone perspectives and demands of a materialistic culture, how does Calan come to terms with life’s challenges?

An adventurous journey with contrasting cultures, natural world trials, physical and metaphysical experiences, and a roller-coaster of interactions, served up with a naturalistic style. A book the reader won’t soon forget.

In essence a thought provoking and engrossing collection of connected sketches reflective of our physical existence, exploring watersheds of Calan’s life path attuning to natural world awareness and respectful coexistence with all beings.

The journey begins at the end, then follows a progression of milestones in arriving again with new understanding, itself an analogy of Mother Nature’s cycle of life renewal.