#Evening Feature

Dark Places

by Paul Fairbairn

Dark Places by [Fairbairn, Paul]

Death is just the beginning…

Jim seeks redemption. Kate seeks answers. Science and the supernatural collide when fate brings them together. But sinister forces want Kate back…before her horrifying secret is revealed.

Ex-doctor Jim Carter almost kills Kate Marlowe in a terrible accident, but he’s drawn to her immediately. Is it because she reminds him of his long-lost daughter? Or is it because she claims to be in terrible danger?

Kate’s past is almost as mysterious to her as it is to Jim, but that doesn’t stop it from catching up with her, and when it does, it throws both of their lives into terrifying turmoil. There are immensely powerful forces at work who want her back – at any cost.

In this compelling thriller, Jim and Kate are pursued across Europe by a relentless and merciless hunter. Before this desperate chase is over, they must finally face the past, and come to terms with life and death, with love and loss.

And with Kate’s horrifying secret.