Morning Feature

Severed Heart

by Mrs Kirsty Ferguson

Severed Heart is about a young woman, Avery Fisher’s emotional journey back to her childhood farm. She is estranged from her family and has been since she turned eighteen, ten years ago. Avery begins to have nightmares in which she believes she’s going to die. She realizes that it is connected to an event that happened when she was ten years of age. Something sinister. Something that had the power to change her life forever. She has spent the last decade running from her family but now she finds herself back in Howlong, a small rural town in New South Wales. She just wants the nightmares to stop, for the truth to come out. Avery heads home to her family farm in search of answers but gets a lot more than she bargained for in the process. Will the truth end up helping or hurting her? Can she move forward with the new man in her life or is he merely a distraction? Was it coincidence that she met him or something more sinister? A decade old missing persons case comes back to haunt the family, causing them to re-examine what they hold dear. Is it family values or family secrets that bind them together?