#Afternoon Feature

Irony (Book 2) Gin Soaked Dreams

by Robert Shroud

Irony (Book 2) Gin Soaked Dreams by [Shroud, Robert]

For both Detective Reginald Thomas Williams and the citizens of Bay City, Irony 2 picks right up where Irony left off. Just when the streets were thought safe, The Animal is replaced by serial killer Henry Louis Needle. In the case of Detective Williams, he seeks revenge on those he feels responsible for his tragic loss. His partner, Detective Reuben Garcia, is determined to stop him. His greatest obstacle? The bottom of a gin bottle, where Reg is firmly planted.

In the meantime, Henry’s lust for killing grows, sacrificing people in the name of his god and running the streets red with blood. Things become especially dire when someone close to Reg is threatened. If he is to save them, he must come to terms with his demons and stretch the limits of his mind and beliefs. And he needs to do it fast, because time is not on his side. Getting people to believe he is anything but a washed up drunk, however, is a hard sell. His solution? Get the job done himself, no matter what it takes, gin soaked dreams and all.