#Morning Feature

Hidden Joy (Hidden Blessings Book 2)

by Katrina Harrington

Follow three romances… Mark is ready to settle down, but is the woman he loves ready to do the same? Or does grief still have too strong a hold on her heart? At seventeen, Sadie didn’t recognize that her best friend, Calvin, had fallen for her. But a new man in town becomes threatening towards Sadie. Will Calvin and Sadie have a chance? Ruth lost her husband over ten years ago. When she finds herself drawn to the new doctor, she struggles with fear of losing yet another man she loves.


#Evening Feature

Toymaker’s Pet (Dark Star Doms Book 2)

by Ivy Barrett

Toymaker's Pet (Dark Star Doms Book 2) by [Barrett, Ivy]

Desperate for freedom, royal concubine Bryce agrees to pose as a test subject for the infamous Toymaker. She’ll participate in his sexual study, submit her body to whatever form of pleasure his creative mind imagines. With sensual smiles and carnal responses, she’ll carefully earn his trust—then deliver him to her Master.

Slade is determined to save the life of his friend and mentor Matthias, the Toymaker. Matthias has created his most ambitious toy yet, an android into which he will transfer his being. Though amazingly lifelike, the android will be an emotionless husk unless they can stimulate his intuitive programming. And what is more stimulating than raw, uninhibited sex?

Passion ignites between Slade and Bryce from the moment their eyes meet. She’s supposed to arouse emotions in the android, but Slade can’t keep his hands off her. Her silky skin and evocative taste leave him desperate for more. They harbor secrets both dangerous and damning. Will passion or obligation win out in the end?


#Afternoon Feature

122 Rules (122 Rules Series)

by Deek Rhew

122 Rules (122 Rules Series) by [Rhew, Deek]

In his black and white world, Sam Bradford–former Marine turned government assassin–finally sees a speck of grey. He has always followed orders without question, but his latest assignment threatens to disrupt the precision of his universe and may either sever or redeem his last remaining sliver of humanity. Explore the dark side of a man living outside of society who has sacrificed all for the greater good of God and Country only to find out he isn’t working for who he thought he was.

Using his mastery of the 122 Rules of Psychology, Sam hunts down everyone. Imagine being able to extract people’s deepest most protected secrets by following a strict set of rules perfected by the most brilliant minds in the nation. Imagine having access to unlimited resources, information, money, and technology. What would you do? Where would you go? Who would you look for? Do you use your power for peace and prosperity, to further the advancement of your fellow man? Or do you use it to increase your own wealth and power by controlling and manipulating everyone around you? Imagine, spending a decade being sent the world over to find people and exploit them for the safety and advancement of your fellow countryman. You are following a path of idealism that is larger than you, larger than anyone. You are doing it for the greater good of God and Country.

The Agency sends him to find enemies of the state and eliminate them. Just as he has his rifle scope focused on his latest victim, an innocent girl entangled with the mob, his long-dormant conscience reappears for a final performance…one last ditch effort to save the sinking ship of Sam’s soul. He’s killed innocents before, but tarries on pulling the trigger this time.

Now imagine that you’re wrong. What you have been told is a lie.


Author of the week! K. C. Herbel

K.C. Herbel

by K.C. Herbel

Fond of nearly all things fantasy; the way that fantasy draws you in and enthralls your senses in suspense of disbelief. Of course other genres have this ability too, but none speak to my heart like fantasy and science fiction.

My first love affair with fantasy came to me in an old paperback book left behind by my wayward older sister. It was ‘The Hobbit’ and since then I have been hooked. (I also still own that book!) I did not jump straight into ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy at first and instead picked up C.S. Lewis’ ‘Chronicles of Narnia’, then tried on a somewhat darker lens with Moorcock’s ‘Elric’ series.

With a Jester of Kindness by [K.C. Herbel]

With a Jester of Kindness

“As a peasant boy from a remote valley of Lyonesse, Billy could only dream of the adventures to be found outside his little corner of the kingdom. He believed he would spend his entire life in the Valley of the Yew, never having an adventure, never truly knowing excitement or danger, and never seeing any of the wonders of Lyonesse. That is until the night his destiny caught up with him. Shrouded in a sinister past, it lures Billy to the courts of the highborn. However, the path to unravel the mystery of his life is guarded by malevolent forces and the deadliest court intrigues. To prevail, he will have to learn to trust an unfathomable magic gift and come to grips with the disturbing truth about his place in the world, for his life and the fate of a kingdom hang in the balance.


#Morning Feature

Never Waste Tears

by Gloria Zachgo

Never Waste Tears by [Zachgo, Gloria]

Each had their own reason to leave everything they knew. The land was free—the true price—was often high, where opportunities and tragedies were in equal abundance. Those who were strong, didn’t waste their tears, but used them wisely to help wash away their grief.
Joined together through friendship and family relations, Rebecca, Nathan, Hannah, Carl, and Sarah tell one story—each in their own voice. Never Waste Tears travels with them on their trek to homestead on the lonely Kansas prairie, where they pave the way for generations to come. They individually share their own dreams, challenges, heartaches, and guilt.