#Morning Feature

Xanter: The Last Claw

by Lynn Sheridan

Xanter: The Last Claw by [Sheridan, Lynn]

There are lots of stories about the origins of Santa Claus. None of them is anything like this.

A lone barbarian wanders the frozen lands of the North searching for the bandits that killed his family. Xanter is consumed by vengeance. It is all he can think about, until one day he meets the diminutive, friendly folk of Nyghz. Will that be enough for him to end his quest or will it just add fuel to an already explosive situation?

WARNING – This contains fantasy violence and swearing! Expect swords slashing, arrows flying and fists being thrown. Obviously, that then results in large amounts of blood being spilled, which results in swearing, as it would in the real world. This isn’t the A-Team, people are going to die. You have been warned.