#Morning Feature

The Tainted Dollar

by Chris G Derrick

The Tainted Dollar by [Derrick, Chris G]

“In that time Jake covered the distance to the cowboy, drawing one of his knives from its sheath as he moved. The next thing the cowboy knew was the pommel of Jakes knife was smashing into the side of his head, knocking him onto his knees. The sharp point of the knife had also done its work, nicking the skin deep as he fell to the floor. The blood was running warm and free down his neck and soaking into the white collar of his shirt.”

Jake Base – orphaned at an early age, and now the last surviving member of his family.
Adopted and raised by the Plains Indians as one of their own for ten years and destined never to be totally accepted by either the white man or the Indian.
Now he’s a no-nonsense US marshal tracking two killers down into Texas he discovers more than he bargained for.
There are the confusing emotions of a new, and unexpected, love – which in turn put him in grave danger.
Jake has difficult choices which will need to be made. People will be hurt in the process.
This story has it all, bar room brawls, brutal murder, cattle rustling, dusty streets and the lovely Maria Sanchez.
Throughout everything one thing remains constant, the one silver coin.
The Tainted Dollar.