#Morning Feature

Here and Now

by M.D. Robinson

Here and Now

Black Moose has been accepted by a band of the People. He now contributes to the duties of a young man his age and has adapted well to his new life here among the Native Americans.

But where are the buffalo? The great hunt must happen before winter or the band will again be on the verge of starving by mid-winter. And what of the band that attacked them earlier in the summer. Where are they now and will they seek retaliation?

Black Moose feels that more should be done. The hunters could hunt more, the leaders could move the camp closer to the buffalo or at least send someone to find them, the warriors could be tracking the raiders.

But something sinister and dark lurks within the band and it may well unravel the group before any of these other threats can.

And what is the Way of the Horse?