#Morning Feature

Mended: A Southern Romance (Sweet Home Dixie Book 1)

by Kayla Marie

Mended: A Southern Romance (Sweet Home Dixie Book 1) by [Marie, Kayla]

She aches for what she lost.
Four years after her husband’s tragic and traumatic end, Ashley remains heartbroken
and yearning for the man who left her behind. Desperate for healing and to break her
teenage son’s newfound cycle of crime, she leaves the city for a small, sleepy town in
southern Alabama hoping for a fresh start. There, she finds Wade, the charming, ever
genuine contractor who’s more than she bargained for.

He is haunted by failure.
Plagued by guilt when his younger brother goes to prison, Wade is consumed by his
brother’s bleak future and his own personal demons.
There’s no room for love and happiness in his world. That is, until the beautiful widow
with sad eyes and a troubled teenage son moves to town.

If only her heart didn’t belong to her past
If only his past didn’t torment him.

One great love can transform their lives.
They need only to open their hearts.



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