Evening Feature

Moving Forward to the Past: A Novella

by Samuel Chris

Moving Forward to the Past: A Novella by [Chris, Samuel]

After breaking up with her boyfriend, Scott, Jenna Sweeney has moved to Orlando, Florida to start a new life. She does so with the help of her best friend, Eileen. An accountant by day and an artist at heart, Jenna hopes to make it as an artist someday. There’s just one problem: Jenna hasn’t painted since her last breakup.

Enter the devastatingly handsome Neil Fordham, an old flame from Jenna’s past. Neil and Jenna were high school sweethearts who went their separate ways once it was time for college. Neil comes to town as an art buyer and runs into Jenna one day while grabbing coffee.

Temperatures start to rise between Jenna and Neil as they remember their past relationship. They see each other quite a bit and Neil has even inspired Jenna to start painting again. But someone from their past resurfaces and causes friction between Jenna and Neil. Another life dilemma also has Jenna uneasy. Jenna begins to question everything. Is she good enough to make a living off of her art? Does she belong with Neil? Moving forward to the Past is a classic romance about a woman trying to figure out love and her path to self-discovery.