#Evening Feature

Toymaker’s Pet (Dark Star Doms Book 2)

by Ivy Barrett

Toymaker's Pet (Dark Star Doms Book 2) by [Barrett, Ivy]

Desperate for freedom, royal concubine Bryce agrees to pose as a test subject for the infamous Toymaker. She’ll participate in his sexual study, submit her body to whatever form of pleasure his creative mind imagines. With sensual smiles and carnal responses, she’ll carefully earn his trust—then deliver him to her Master.

Slade is determined to save the life of his friend and mentor Matthias, the Toymaker. Matthias has created his most ambitious toy yet, an android into which he will transfer his being. Though amazingly lifelike, the android will be an emotionless husk unless they can stimulate his intuitive programming. And what is more stimulating than raw, uninhibited sex?

Passion ignites between Slade and Bryce from the moment their eyes meet. She’s supposed to arouse emotions in the android, but Slade can’t keep his hands off her. Her silky skin and evocative taste leave him desperate for more. They harbor secrets both dangerous and damning. Will passion or obligation win out in the end?



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