#FREE TODAY A french Affair by Amelie Rose (A recommended novel from beezeebooks.com) http://amzn.to/2hmmtp4    

A French Affair by [Rose, Amelie]

France 1943
A train heading for Berlin is hijacked and a carriage-load of its contents removed. History records a tragic loss of life and the destruction of a cache of priceless art.
France 2013
Business couple, Silvie and Tom Roth, have lost everything and their previously successful business is in tatters. In an attempt to drag the pieces of their life back together, they purchase an abandoned cottage vineyard in France. But tragedy happens and Silvie is left to move in alone, widowed, and unexpectedly pregnant.
Silvie is slowly re-building her life when an old diary from 1943 is unearthed. The final entry has the potential to set a lethal chain of events in motion. Silvie’s previously quiet life has become a walking nightmare and,when the secret of the old diary is finally revealed, she knows she is in serious trouble.


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