#Afternoon Feature

James Ross – A Character-Based Collection

by James Ross

James Ross - A Character-Based Collection (Prairie Winds Golf Course) by [Ross, James]

This is a 3-book bundle that is suitable for adults and young adults. Middle school and high school students should be able to digest the adult topics. It is only available for Kindle readers.

Featured Titles include:

  1. Lifetime Loser – A legal thriller that details the actions of a white-collar scam artist and an innocent victim. The roller-coaster ride takes place over a 15 year time period and delves into civil and criminal law.
  2. Tuey’s Course – A satire full of hypocrites. Minority businessman Tuey O’Tweety continues to be harassed by the powers-to-be at City Hall. This tongue-in-cheek novel presents challenges.
  3. Shari’s Shot – After filing for divorce chaos surrounds Shari Daniels-Donnelly. Threatening texts, a lover’s triangle, confessions, jail time, an aggressive female divorce attorney, a body, and a liaison with a US Congresswoman add to the twists and turns.



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