#Afternoon Feature

In So Many Words: A Collection of Interviews and Poetry From Today’s Poets

by Adam Levon Brown

In the In So Many Words collection, the reader will find not just a collection of contemporary poetry, but a series of interviews that grant rare access to the thoughts and experiences of a sampling of today’s poets. The poets featured here may be varied in their craft, but are united in their passion for their art form. They write in the woods, in between their children’s Tae Kwon Do classes, in the early morning hours or during the quiet spaces of the night. They scribble down lines at stop lights or write when they walk. They write in their heads or utter lines into their phones on endless commutes. Some have written for as long as they can recall and have published volumes, others are just beginning their poetic journey. Some are professional writers, others are students, teachers, healers, philosophers or an amalgamation of all of the above. They write to slow down time, they write not to forget. They write to heal themselves and others. They write to release a mind full of words, to say what they cannot say in conversation, to express the thoughts that burn inside. They write to keep breathing. They write because it is a part of all of them, because they cannot imagine an existence without it. Join us in reading their words; not just their poetry, but the ones that give us a glimpse into their pasts, their inspirations and the driving forces that have shaped those who live to shape language.