#Evening Feature

Len the Time Travelling Chicken

by Stuart Fawcett

Len the Time Travelling Chicken by [Fawcett, Stuart]

Mya was a typical eleven year old girl. Her life was one full of adventure, imagination and a thirst for knowledge. Living with her mother and two older siblings, this young lady spent much of her spare time living in a world of enchanting fantasy, mystery and excitement and all propelled by her fertile mind.

So when something bizarre happened one night not far from her home, she had to investigate. Teaming up with her nine year old male friend Kaden, little did they both know that they were about to embark on a timeless journey to new lands and places that far exceeded the limits of their combined imaginations. What they discovered in the woodland was sure to take them way beyond anything they could ever dream of.

For Mya and Kaden, to be catapulted through time was now a distinct reality. What lies ahead after their remarkable discovery among the trees was soon to be one exciting, fun packed yet dangerous roller coaster ride of knowledge and wonder.

There was one burning question on their lips: Would they ever return home safely?



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