#Morning Feature


by Mikel Parry

Fathom by [Parry, Mikel]

Detective Demotreus Ward, or Demo Ward as he’s more commonly known, is different in his unique ability to solve cases by assimilating the criminal mindset using little to no evidence.  His ability and luck have carried him through the years after the devastating loss of one his only true friends.  But now he finds himself tangled up in the case of the century.  Decades of murder, lies and deceit now come crashing into his world.  But his troubles are far from over.  A machine is revealed to Demo that will change his life forever…Fathom.  Now he has the unique ability to not only assume the mindset of the criminal, but enter directly into it.  Demo Ward is now forced to solve an unbreakable case while using the warped mind of an infamous psychotic killer.