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L. M. Nelson

L. M. Nelson

L.M. Nelson is certified teacher and CPR/First Aid instructor. She enjoys poetry, music, photography, gardening, reading, and nature walks. Aside from her Scrubs series, she has written several poems, some of which have been selected for literary magazines and published in a poetry collection entitled World Treasury of Great Poems, Vol. II. She co-wrote the article, ‘Gifted and Talented Education at the Close of the Decade of the Brain’, which was published in the educational journal Perspectives: Idaho Association of School Administrators, Vol. XVI, No. 1.


by L. M. Nelson

Scrubs by [Nelson, L. M.]

Randy Hanson, charming playboy and son of a wealthy doctor, strives to reach one goal—graduating from medical school. Medical school is challenging enough without the added stress Randy is faced with in combatting constant badgering from one of his classmates, suffering through countless and unnecessary ‘pimping’ acts from higher level medical personnel, and coming to the aid of his best friend, Jim Ryan, as he recovers from personal turmoil. Randy’s life turns upside down and becomes even more complicated when he realizes he is developing deep emotional feelings towards a spunky collegiate sorority girl by the name of Jane Davine. Jane is facing her own demons with a domineering father and attempting to overcome the life-altering death of her mother.
Randy and his friends take on the stress of medical school together and lean on each other, bonding as professionals, growing and maturing into responsible adults, and becoming closer friends than they had ever been before. Will they all meet their goal and graduate together, or will the pressure become too much for them to handle?

#Morning Feature

The Innamincka Affair

by Robert Chalmers

The Innamincka Affair by [Chalmers, Robert]

Rebecca has arrived in Australia with a brief to mediate a sale between a cattle property owner from the remote Outback of Australia and her company’s client, an international business tycoon. She is expecting a cowboy type in jeans and check shirt and is disconcerted to discover the person she is to meet is a breathtakingly handsome man not much older than herself. She has been badly hurt in a past romance that ended in tragedy when the man involved had been killed in action. There was no room in her heart now for romance, she was totally focused on her career. Rebecca’s rigid cool control begins to unravel when she is confronted by the international buyer in a basement meeting, with her being virtually abducted and taken to a meeting with him. She discovers he is little more than an international criminal, and under threat from this man she is dismissed to return to her hotel room. Cooper is very upset when he finds out, and not a little surprised to discover the depth of his attraction to this young woman he has only just met. He convinces Rebecca to return with him to his remote property in his private plane. The ensuing action is both unexpected, and dangerous, with Rebecca facing emotional turmoil, and physical danger on the remote property. She eventually returns to London at Coopers request, and discovers to her surprise that not only Cooper turns up some time later, but she finds herself in mortal danger from the international criminals intent on revenge, again grabbing her yet again in a hotel basement car park. She shows her true spirit by wounding her assailant and seeing off the criminals. Although she is determined to lead an independent life, and carve out a career and lifestyle for herself, the discovery that she is pregnant throws all her plans into turmoil. Cooper is not only committed to doing his part when he discovers the truth, but has realized the depth of his love for Rebecca. His enormous wealth allows him to put in place the perfect solution for Rebecca, allowing her to fulfill all of her ambitions, both personal and business.