#Afternoon Feature

The Beyond Experience

by Michael Reid Jr

The Beyond Experience by [Reid Jr, Michael]
“Forgive me,” were the final words Lily whispered as Dr. Ethan Lewis held her close. The request haunted him for years, but it was her eyes that kept him up at night. This tragedy provided the catalyst to perfect their drug which cured anxiety and depression.

The experience for those under the drug was visceral, heightened, most said they visited heaven. Dr. Lewis believed the source of the experience was in the brain but his lab assistant, Kyle, disagreed. Kyle requested to forgo the protocol and go deep into the treatment himself; the Beyond Experience. Kyle’s encounter allowed a frightening glimpse into Dr. Lewis’s past and a gateway to answer why Lily spoke those heart-wrenching words.

Chaos ensues as Dr. Lewis and his cure gain worldwide fame. An emotional chasm forms between himself and Kyle. A rival attacks him at a conference and his suspicious past is brought into the light. Dozens of former patients go missing and Dr. Lewis gets a visit from the FBI. His entire belief system begins to crumble when something he’s rejected for years presents itself in the most undeniable way. Dr. Lewis knows the answers lie within the Beyond Experience, but will he be able to face his traumatic past, his addictions, and the biggest mistake of his life?



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